The facts on nonfiction: reading to learn

Children learn and have fun at the same time when reading nonfiction books. Teach your child nonfiction reading strategies so he can build his reading skills and become a better reader.

Video transcript

Narrator : “Want to get your kids hooked on learning? Start them on nonfiction books early. Get her enthusiastic by picking a topic that will grab her attention. Ask how you know it’s nonfiction. Look at the clues. A giant nonfiction book might seem a little scary to a kid.”

Child : “This book seems really long.”

Narrator : “Be sure she knows you don’t always have to read the whole book.”

Mom : “ I know it seems really long but you know it’s what I love about nonfiction is that you can just choose one part and then we can read about that and find out some really cool facts.”
Narrator : “It’s important for early and fluent readers to understand the unique features and importance of nonfiction writing. Get your child started on nonfiction today.”

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