The 5 finger strategy

Can your child retell a story?

Watch more ways to help your child with reading comprehension.

Decoding words
Decoding words is one of the fundamental reading skills that children must learn to be better readers. Learn how to teach your child the basic of decoding strategies.

Picture walk
Reading the pictures helps kids with comprehension.

Nonfiction fun
Children can learn and have fun at the same time when reading non fiction books. Teach your child nonfiction reading strategies so he can build his reading skills and become a better reader.

Learning sight words
Play “My pile your pile” to expand your child’s vocabulary and improve fluency.

Echo reading
Try this trick to improve your child’s reading fluency.

Sticky-note your story
Here’s a way to use sticky notes to improve reading comprehension.

Follow my finger
Help your child learn the way around a book.

Don’t give me the answer!
When a child makes a mistake reading aloud, should you stop and correct him or not?

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