How to navigate girl friendships

Being friends with different groups can be complicated. Here's how to help your daughter manage friendships.

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Robin Stern gives tips on how to talk to your daughter about friendships.

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“I think it’s really important to encourage your daughter to think for herself. In a situation where there are several groups of friends, there might be a lot of tension that she’s experiencing, or a lot of tension she comes to you with, or anxiety – or feeling like she doesn’t know where to be. Uncertainty, because people are pulling on her, in a lot of different directions, and offering the space to sit with her and help her think through what does she think about that? When somebody’s saying “Well you can’t do anything but be with me” or “No, you have to be here with me”. What are her thoughts about that? What are her feelings? Windows to having more conversations. Also, offering your own observations about your own life, and what you’ve seen among people in the world, that you can have more than one friend, that you can belong to more than one group. That there are wonderful things about knowing people in different groups. And asking her to talk to you, about what are those positive things she gets from each one of those friends.”

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