One key 1st grade writing skill

At this age, it may seem like writing is as simple as putting pen to paper, but as this teacher explains, your child is already learning a multi-step writing process.

Prince Padania is a first grade teacher at Oliveira Elementary School.

Here’s what Mr. Padania says first graders learn about the writing process.

Video transcript

“In first grade, students are really exposed to something that’s called ‘the writing process’ for the very first time. And what that means is that when they begin to write something, they don’t just start writing it out on a piece of paper but they actually plan ahead. They think to themselves, ‘What do I what to write about? Why am I writing it?’ They’ll spend time just planning it out, just drafting things out. And then they’ll get into the act of actually writing it out. A lot of the times, they forget the step of re-reading and revising. They think the first time they write something, they’re really done. And so it’s a challenge to get them to understand why they need to read and re-read and re-re-read again. But when they hear their words back, a lot of times new ideas and concepts will pop in their head and they’ll get so excited and they want to add more. They see the reason and they see the benefit of reading it again and writing more.”

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