One key 5th grade reading skill

Want to make sure your fifth grader is ready for sixth grade? This teacher’s simple suggestion may surprise you.

Daniel Villarreal teaches at Think College Now, an elementary school in Oakland, California. Here’s how Mr. Villarreal says parents and teachers of fifth graders can really help kids develop their reading skills.

Video transcript

“I would like to see students be able to leave my classroom, and leave fifth grade, knowing how to meet their needs. And one way to do that would be able to identify a book that’s at their independent reading level. So student should be able to read a passage and then begin to see if there’s too many words that are difficult and challenging or not enough words that are too challenging. So maybe two to three words that they are struggling with. If they have four to five words that they are not saying correctly or can’t pronounce, or just having roadblocks with, maybe for understanding, that book is too hard. It’s not at their level. If there’s no challenging word or only like one, it’s probably too easy. We want that sweet spot, that ‘just right’ book. And if the student do that, I think it will really help them get their needs met with regard to reading.”

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