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Inside a Montessori school

Long embraced by preschools, Montessori-style education is being implemented in elementary, middle, and even high schools. For example, see how Urban Montessori School in Oakland, CA serves kindergartners through eighth graders.

Inside an environmental science school

At an environmental science school, students learn inside the classroom and outside in nature. See how C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy, a K-11 school in Grand Rapids, MI, incorporates environmental science into kids’ daily lives.

Inside a language immersion school

At language immersion schools, students spend half the day learning in English and half the day learning in their target language. Here's a day in the life at Broadway Elementary School, a K-6 language immersion school in Venice, California.

Inside Design Tech High School, a project-based learning school

Design thinking is a proven method of inquiry and exploration, like the scientific method. At this project-based school, students approach projects through the lens of design thinking.

One key 1st grade reading skill

Did George Washington have wooden teeth — or not? Using a nonfiction text, first graders should be able to find out the truth for themselves.

One key 2nd grade math skill

Your child's addition and subtraction skills this year will help your child with more complex concepts next year.

When Mom says yes and Dad says no

"We can't look like two heads as parents," says America's Supernanny Deborah Tillman. "It confuses the child." Here's how to fix this common parenting mistake.

How Angela Duckworth teaches her kids grit

The famed researcher and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance explains her "hard things rule," which she's using as a parent to instill stick-to-itiveness in her kids.

School lunch secret? Put an egg in it!

5 fun ways to add healthy protein into your child's school lunch.

Christine Carter on giving honest reassurance

Raising Happiness author Christine Carter explains how to respond to questions like, "Am I smart?" in a way that's both honest and constructive.

Carol Dweck on 3 things for true success

Telling children they're smart makes them believe "smart" is either something they have or don't have and so squelches motivation, says Stanford University psychologist and Mindset author Carol Dweck. Instead, explain to kids that if they're doing these three things, they are on the right track.

Carol Dweck on what to do when your child says, "I don't like reading!"

Read between the lines, says Stanford psychologist and Mindset author Carol Dweck. Why? Because kids mean something very different when they object to reading.