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Why is group work important in math class?

In the real world you sometimes have to convince people your way is right, and an algorithm doesn't do it.

How to help your child ease test anxiety

Expert Annie Murphy Paul shares two techniques where kids put pen to paper and scribble their worries away.

Testing makes our brains work better

Exams and quizzes aren't bad and shouldn't be feared! Expert Annie Murphy Paul explains how testing helps people learn.

What math concept should a 6th grader nail before 7th grade?

Middle school teacher says kids must rock the ratios before 7th grade.

What math concept should a 7th grader master before 8th grade?

Do they know about the "undoing" of addition and multiplication?

What math concept should an 8th grader master?

Linear functions —'s pre-algebra, and they've got to get this.

Do you feel me? A game about emotions

Hear kids' stories. Guess their emotions.

When parents disagree | Through a child's eyes

Mom's rules or Dad's rules? Faced with two very different parenting styles, this boy makes a surprising insight.

A tasty way to teach little ones how to wait

Making pizza gives preschoolers a chance to practice waiting — and maybe even learn a little patience!

Chore wars | Through a child's eyes

Why is it so hard to get your child do chores? Hear one girl's tips for parents on getting kids to help around the house.

What would your child do? | Caught being kind

Kids are learning emotional intelligence skills at school. But how will they act when no adults are around? It's not always easy to do the kind thing.

Would your child help? | Caught being kind

Schools are teaching kids emotional intelligence skills. But do lessons about kindness stick even when no adults are around? Watch how these kids react to a fellow student in need.