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One way to resolve sibling conflict

Carol Lloyd, Executive Editor of GreatSchools and mother of two, challenged her daughters to try "blueprinting" to solve their conflict.

Family Charter

House rules constantly being broken? Try creating a Family Charter instead.

How to navigate girl friendships

Being friends with different groups can be complicated. Here's how to help your daughter manage friendships.

Is your daughter dealing with mean girls?

Learn what being "gaslighted" means and what your daughter can do about it.

What to do when the kids are fighting

You want the bickering to stop now, but here's why it's worth listening when your kids fight.

When parents feel frustrated by homework

Dread dealing with your child's homework? Try using this expert's tip.

Homework battles | Through a child's eyes

Does your child ever struggle with homework? Many do. And there’s actually a lot you can do to help. Start by watching this video with your child.

How a parent used the Meta-Moment

Instead of blowing up when they get her order wrong, a mom uses the Meta-Moment tool from Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

How to use a Meta-Moment

Next time you want to yell at your kids, try this instead.

Girl friendships | Through a child's eyes

Friendships are a huge part of children’s lives and one of the hardest things for parents to manage. How can you help your child navigate this murky terrain?

Do you feel me? (basketball)

She can't beat her older sister in a game of basketball. How do you think she feels?

Do you feel me? (monkey bars)

Falling off the monkey bars makes her feel like this. Can you guess how she felt?