Christine Carter on “I hate homework!”

The Raising Happiness author and child development expert explains two surprising things kids need to focus on their homework.
YouTube video

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


YouTube video

Madeline Levine
When it comes to homework troubles, the famed psychologist and The Price of Privilege author cautions parents against coming to your child’s rescue. Format: Video (1:20)

Deborah Tillman
The star of America’s Supernanny tells parents to use this firm-but-creative approach to make sure your kids do their homework. Format: Article

Adele Faber
The famed How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk author offers her expert advice on exactly what to say to a homework-hating child. Format: Article

Sara Bennett
If your elementary schooler is unhappy about her nightly workload, the author of The Case Against Homework says it’s OK to do the unimaginable. Format: Article

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