Why kids who know how to lose get way ahead

Bestselling author Po Bronson explains why kids who are afraid of losing are at risk of never really succeeding.

Po Bronson is the coauthor of the 2009 book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children. The book discusses theories and scientific aspects of parenting. Hear Bronson’s thoughts on competition, boy and girl differences, motivation, and roughhousing.

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


Madeline Levine
Renowned psychotherapist and Teach Your Children Well author Madeline Levine talks about something parents should do for their child’s well-being. Format: Video (0:50)

Deborah Tillman
America’s Supernanny talks about what parents must always do — no matter what. Format: Video (0:30)

Carol Dweck
Mindset author Carol Dweck discusses the right (and wrong) way to praise your child. Format: Video (0:58)

Erica Reischer
Parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer warns against making a common discipline mistake. Format: Video (0:48)

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