Sh*tty Moms on “My teacher hates me!”

"Maybe it's a good thing if your teacher says that," says Mary Ann Zoellner, co-author - with Alicia Ybarbo - of the book "Sh*tty Mom." Here's their anti feel-good response.

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


Gabor Mate
The physician and best-selling co-author of Hold On to Your Kids says American parents need to consider an entirely different approach to handling this. Format: Article

Christine Carter
Raising Happiness author Christine Carter says too many parents respond by saying, “Of course she doesn’t!” But this isn’t the right approach. Format: Video (1:40)

Heidi Allen Garvin
Mormon Moms founder Heidi Allen Garvin says parents should take it very seriously when their child comes home with this complaint — and take action if they have to. Format: Article

John Duffy
The psychologist and author of The Available Parent says that parents aren’t necessarily helping their kids if they go straight to the teacher. Try this instead. Format: Video (1:40)

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