Madeline Levine’s all-time top parenting tip

Renowned psychotherapist and Teach Your Children Well author Madeline Levine talks about something parents should do for their child's well-being.

Video transcript: The most important thing you can do as a parent is to see the child in front of you. The most important thing. Bar None. What does that mean? It means not to project onto the child. It means not to have your whole set of expectations that the child has to meet. And that doesn’t mean not having a high bar. I don’t want this interpreted as – oh whoever you kid is, that’s just fine. Let them play in the mud for the rest of their lives. No. I’m talking about how are you most likely to get your child to perform to their highest level. And I think that’s by knowing the strengths of that particular child. And so instead of spending money on tutors to bring up a B to an A, why not spend it on something that the kid enjoys doing. And in order to know that, you have to spend time with your child. So that’s my one piece of parenting advice.

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