What would your child do? | Caught being kind

Kids are learning emotional intelligence skills at school. But how will they act when no adults are around? It's not always easy to do the kind thing.

Video transcript

Child 1: “What are you doing?”

Child 2: “No you can’t have a pencil. Can you help me? Really Sean. I have to count over. You made me count one off.”

Child 1: “Do you need help?”

Child 2: “Yeah”

Child 1: “Fine”

Child 2: “I gotta take these to the art room. Please.”

Child 1: “How many?”

Child 2: “There are 200 pencils here. Thank you. Can you help me count them? Thank you.”

Child 1: “I didn’t really want to leave her there because there were a lot of pencils on the floor and I don’t want her to do it by herself. My parents and my teacher’s name is reward. They’ve taught me that if you see someone with a problem, you should help them. “

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