What would your child do? | Caught being kind

Kids are learning emotional intelligence skills at school. But how will they act when no adults are around? It's not always easy to do the kind thing.
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Video transcript

Child 1: “What are you doing?”

Child 2: “No you can’t have a pencil. Can you help me? Really Sean. I have to count over. You made me count one off.”

Child 1: “Do you need help?”

Child 2: “Yeah”

Child 1: “Fine”

Child 2: “I gotta take these to the art room. Please.”

Child 1: “How many?”

Child 2: “There are 200 pencils here. Thank you. Can you help me count them? Thank you.”

Child 1: “I didn’t really want to leave her there because there were a lot of pencils on the floor and I don’t want her to do it by herself. My parents and my teacher’s name is reward. They’ve taught me that if you see someone with a problem, you should help them. “

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