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Best STEM toys ages 9+

Young scientists and inventors will love these 2011 Golden Apple Awards winners created for older kids.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Math Magic

Appeals to age 7- 13

What it teaches: math concepts and fundamentals

Brow furrowing may be a common response to opening a present with the word "math" so prominently printed on the box. This was a bit of an impediment to many testers who chose other, less explicitly academic toys over this one. But once we opened the box and began unpacking its many little tricks and games, the kids soon recognized this was more playing than studying. In fact, its collection of brain teasers, miniature card games, and magic tricks exemplify what an innovative teacher might do on a Friday afternoon for a fun break — building brain cells and having no end of fun to boot.

Bottom line: A great way to teach kids that math isn’t about worksheets, it’s magic.

Where to get it: Math Magic