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flower2016 January 19, 2014

My son is a sophomore in high school and taking Spanish III. Recently I heard from another parent that if a student take 5 years (start in 8 grade and 9,10, 11,12 grades) of same Foreign language, they don't have to take a foreign language course in college. Is that true?

I like to know what are the requirements in undergrad for foreign Language. Does every student need to take a foreign language to complete their undergrad?


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MagnetMom January 19, 2014

That totally depends on the college. Some colleges require two years, others do not require a language at all.

As a sophomore, it'd be hard to guess what college he will be attending, but you can start looking at info. Keeping in mind, that while many colleges require the language for admission, they might require only two years, but they prefer three or more. In this case, your son's five years will be extremely beneficial on his college apps.


flower2016 January 20, 2014

Thank you so much for very quick response MagnetMom.

Do you know any requirements about the college undergrad. To complete the undergrad does students need to take same or different foreign language in college (1 or 2 years). In my son scenario he may need to take Latin or French etc to complete his Undergrad minimum requirements.

As parents we are thinking 4 years of Foreign language is good enough. We want him to take another subject in his senior year. But he is saying if he takes one more year of Spanish in high school, he don't have to take any other foreign language in college. Is that true?

In his opinion if he discontinue with 4 years of Spanish, he may have to take another foreign language in college for two or more semesters.



MagnetMom January 20, 2014


Literally, any college can set their requirements as they see fit.

Typically to gain admission to college four years of the same language is great. Five would set him apart.

As for college requirements, please check with where he will likely go. When I attended a CSU, there was no language requirement. My husband and son's alma mater, a small, private school DID require two years of a foriegn language. Some majors might specify which language. They would not likely require that the language be what the student studied in HS.

For the specifics he's trying to get you to believe, find out WHICH college, and contact them directly. I have never heard of a HS student taking HS level language and being exempt from college level coursework.

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