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Moving from Brazil - child does not speak English


user4100446 May 8, 2014

Hi there, we are moving from Brazil to New Jersey (Morris County) next fall and my daughter does not speak any English yet. She is 13 yrs old and attends 8th grade in Brazil. Would she have any special classes in Portuguese/Spanish? Thank you!

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TeacherParent May 15, 2014

Some schools here offer Spanish from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Most schools offer Spanish classes beginning in the 7th or 8th grade.

When students come into school not speaking English, one of two things can happen. Some schools do have a special class in which they put all the non-English speaking students. Some schools have non-English speaking students take some classes in English and spending a part of the day in English language learning classes.

Without knowing the specific school district she would be attending, it's not possible to know exactly where her new school will place her. There are teachers in our schools who speak Spanish - it's less common to find a Portuguese speaking teacher.

There is a Brazilian community in Morris County - if you do a google search, you'll likely find websites that can connect you to the Brazilian community in Morris County and get good advice on the schools there from them.

Between now and then it can't hurt to have your daughter watch English language cartoons - cartoons are a good way to learn some beginning English. If your daughter could take English language lessons from now till the time you move that might be very helpful to her as well.

Welcome to the U.S.!

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