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Is there a way I can transfer my daughter to a school out of out district?


user5658855 August 14, 2014

We recently moved and my 15 yr old daughter had to switch schools and it's been extremely hard on her. She does have anxiety problems and they've been really bad. She's been having anxiety attacks (crying, hyperventilating) making her self nauseous to the point where she won't eat some meals because she feels like she's gonna get sick, not being able to sleep. I hate seeing her like this. She tells me all the time she misses her old school and that she really misses it. She always said she was so excited to go back because she liked her schedule and that is had a lot of classes that she needs to take in order to go into the job she wants. Is there some way I can talk to the superintendent of her old school and see if she'll let her back in? I think it'd really benefit her and will be better for her mental health. We live barely a mile from the school district line and she'll be driving in 4 months so she would be able to drive herself to school. Do you think it's worth a shot? What should I do about it?

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MagnetMom August 16, 2014

Every school district is different, so you have nothing to lose by asking. Be aware, that some districts allow such transfers but charge a 'tax' comparable to the property tax to what the residents' pay. In other areas, both your current district would need to release your daughter and the old district would have to agree to take her. Some schools allow such transfers but require the paperwork to be filled out well in advance of the move.

But that being said you have nothing to lose--so go ahead. And if they say no, then your daughter drives in a few months and between that and social media hopefully she will find friends at her new school and say connected with the old one.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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