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Where can I go to hire teachers


user5662224 August 18, 2014

My high school son has progressed seemingly much faster than the school system is able to keep up with, and is now bored in nearly all of his classes, due to their speed, despite a full schedule of ap classes. As a result, we have been considering homeschooling as a way to provide a more suitable education. He has far surpassed my understanding of pretty much everything he would be needing to be taught, and as a result I am not in a position to teach him. Thus, we are looking in to hiring teachers to come and teach him rather like a regular school. I understand this is very unusual and might not be homeschooling in a regular sense, but it seems like a decent solution. Money is in no way an issue, but I'm not sure where to go for these kinds of resources, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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