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Fun ways to read with your child

The power of the parent-child bond has a positive effect on a child's attitude toward reading and his ability to read. Try the suggestions below to help make reading with your child both a pleasure and a learning experience. More »

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Your kindergartner and reading

Kindergartners learn the relationship of letters to sounds and master their first sight words.

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Your first grader and reading

First graders learn new ways to sound out words and decode their meanings.

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Your second grader and reading

As second graders become more adept at reading, they begin to tackle short chapter books and basic research projects.

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Your third grader and reading

In third grade, students shift their focus from learning to read to reading to learn.

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Your fourth grader and reading

Fourth grade reading helps build research and analytical skills.

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Your fifth grader and reading

Fifth graders learn to identify themes, make inferences, and draw conclusions.

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Get ready for middle and high school reading

Middle- and high schoolers interpret, analyze, and discuss more advanced texts. Here are the tools they'll need to succeed.

PreK to 5th grade reading and writing worksheets

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