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Finding a great school in Indiana

We're here to help you explore your options and find the right school for your child. To get started with the school research process, check out the information below. You can learn more about how to choose a school, how enrollment works for different types of schools and the scholarship programs available.

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Enrolling in a public school in Indiana

Indiana offers a variety of public school options. Each has its own enrollment procedure.

Traditional public schools
Traditional public schools are tuition-free and offer open enrollment to individuals living within a specific district. In some cases, traditional public school districts will allow inter-district transfers, which permit students who live outside the district boundary to enroll at no cost. Parents should contact school districts directly about this option.

Public charter schools
Public Charter schools are free, and don’t require students to reside in a specific district in order to attend. Like traditional public schools, public charter schools are required to have an open enrollment policy, and cannot charge tuition. Contact individual schools or school websites for enrollment and other information.

Magnet schools
Magnet schools are public schools that offer a specific subject or curriculum focus. A magnet school may emphasize performing arts, math, business and finance, or international studies, for example. Families must apply to attend a magnet school. When there are more applicants than available seats, the schools will hold a lottery. Contact individual schools or school websites for enrollment and other information.
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Enrolling in a private school in Indiana

Private schools are founded and operated by private groups, and often focus on a set of core values or beliefs. Some private schools have religious affiliations. Private schools use selective admissions processes and charge tuition. Most private schools in Indiana are accredited by the state or other accrediting agency.

Thanks to Indiana's Choice Scholarship Program and Tax Credit Scholarship Program, private schools are now an affordable option for many Hoosier families. For more information and to determine if your family is eligible for either of these scholarship programs, please visit the Indiana Department of Education website or use Institute for Quality Education's online eligibility tool.
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