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Mayor's Office of Education Innovation - OEI

Mayor Greg Ballard’s vision is for every child in every neighborhood to have access to an education that enables them to define their own life path, whether that is college or a high-wage, high-demand career. We live in an information age economy which demands an information age education system: our commitment to this begins with early childhood education, and continues with high-quality K-12 options and workforce development.

The Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation (OEI) is committed to pursuing this vision by providing and promoting high-quality school options for students. OEI authorizes and oversees 31 Mayor-sponsored charter schools, 4 turnaround schools, and collaborates with local organizations to expand access to quality early childhood and workforce development programs. In line with Mayor Ballard’s focus on community engagement, OEI also convenes and participates in a broad range of community-based education initiatives in Indianapolis. This includes serving as the Indianapolis lead partner for GreatSchools by distributing the Indianapolis School Chooser and providing coaching to parents.