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Enrollment Information

Indianapolis families can choose from district, magnet, public charter, and private schools.

Public preschools

Indianapolis has 11 public school districts and many offer free preschool programs. Some districts only offer developmental preschool programs (specifically targeted to children with disabilities). Indianapolis Public Schools, the largest school district in Indianapolis, has added general education preschool to 10 of its elementary schools. Other districts offer preschool with a cost that can range from $130-$200 per week. Parents should contact individual school districts for more information.

Head Start is also an option for low-income families. Contact Head Start or Family Development Services to find out more.

Helpful resources

Head Start information
Family Development Services (317-803-3803)

District school resources
Beech Grove City (317-788-4481)
Decatur Township (317-856-5265)
Franklin Township (317-862-2411)
Indianapolis Public Schools (317-226-4000)
Lawrence Township (317-423-8200)
Perry Township (317-789-3700)
Pike Township (317-293-0393)
Town of Speedway (317-244-0236)
Warren Township (317-869-4300)
Washington Township (317-845-9400)
Wayne Township (317-988-8600)

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Key Dates

Application and enrollment deadlines vary by district. Contact districts directly for more information.

Did You know?

If your school district offers a developmental preschool program for children with disabilities, there are likely to be seats reserved for general education students. Contact the school district for more information.

Private preschools

There are a substantial number of private and religious preschools in Indianapolis, so finding a program can be a daunting task. Most preschools offer half-day sessions and many have extended care options. These programs generally run on the same schedule as K-12 schools.

Child care centers are another option for working parents; most centers accept babies as well as toddlers and provide full-time, year-round care. Most daycare centers also offer preschool programs. A center with experienced, well-trained teachers and stimulating activities offers similar advantages to a regular preschool. Costs can range from $150 for a half-day program that meets three times a week to $1,000 a month for full-time daycare with a pre-school component. To locate a child care center and find an assessment of its quality, check out the Paths to Quality website.

Low-income families may qualify for federal childcare vouchers. Contact Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration to find out more.

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Key Dates

Application and enrollment deadlines vary by school. Contact schools directly for more information.

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