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  • Post in: Sign-Language  March 25, 2011

    I totally agree with you. I myself do not know but very little sign, but have a few family members who are partially deaf. I have given this much... More »

  • Post in: My child's interest in school  March 25, 2011

    Just want to let you know... everything WILL get better! It sounds like you are living my life 3 yrs ago. My daughter was always a straight A student,...

  • Post in: About adults cheating...  March 25, 2011

    Request an appointment for a conference face to face with him to discuss your concerns. If he still shows no interest, then... report it.

  • Post in: What's your top tip for finding the right school?  March 25, 2011

    In the case of moving into a new area... I would suggest asking a real estate agent which school district they would send their child, then pay...

  • Post in: What are ways to motivate kids to do their homework?  March 25, 2011

    i let my daughter do as much as possible on the computer and print it out. It is also a rule to do homework right after school so the rest of the... More »

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