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Education doesn't happen in a vacuum and neither does the work of improving education. Great partnerships require deep commitment to a common goal or vision, and our partners have that in abundance. Our partners include, but are not limited to:

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Black Family Development, Inc.

Black Family Development (BFDI) is a private, non-profit comprehensive family counseling agency that was created in 1978 by the Detroit chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers. BFDI's program and services include: Family Preservation and support; Mental Health and Substance Abuse services; Juvenile Justice services and Positive Youth Development programs. Via partnerships with the human service agencies and Detroit Public Schools BFDI serves clients throughout the community. Highlights of BFDI’s Youth Development programs include: Academic Olympics; African Centered Olympics; Annual Christmas Jam; Keys to Literacy (an afterschool program); and Summer Youth Employment Training.

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Brightmoor Alliance

The Brightmoor Alliance is a coalition of nearly 50 organizations dedicated to serving northwest Detroit's Brightmoor community. Founded in 2000, the Alliance was established in response to conditions in the community, including poor housing, a high crime rate, and a large amount of vacant land.

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Brightmoor Pastors Alliance

Formed by the pastors and spiritual leaders serving in the Brightmoor and Rosedale communities the Brightmoor Pastors Alliance aims to resolve issues affecting Brightmoor and the surrounding community via a people-focused approach that "prioritizes the physical and spiritual renewal, and economic stability" of community members.

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Data Driven Detroit

Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making. D3 believes that direct and practical use of data by grassroots leaders and public officials promotes thoughtful community building and effective policymaking.

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Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

The Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation is dedicated to creating opportunities for youth and families in Detroit's Southwest community. DHDC's services include bilingual programming for youth and adults, with a focus on increasing high school graduation rates, gang prevention and adult education.

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Detroit Parent Network

The Detroit Parent Network is a membership based parent organizing nonprofit that offers leadership, parenting and development courses via the 11 Parent Resource and Empowerment centers they run in partnership with Detroit Public Schools (DPS) and the Education Achievement Authority (EAA).

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Detroit Public Television

Through television, radio, web, and social media, Detroit Public Television creates content with a concentration on children and education, arts and culture, energy and environment, health, leadership and public affairs. DPT provides educational programs and services for children, parents and caregivers.

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Detroit Regional Chamber

The Detroit Regional Chamber is committed to developing and maintaining a workforce with the skills and education to contribute to a thriving economy in the region. The Chamber has an active team, who work on this issue daily, as well as the development of partnerships with educational institutions and organizations in the area to continually develop and retain a highly skilled workforce. Chamber education programs include: Detroit Scholarship Fund, Board Fellowship Program, Detroit Compact, and the Education Engagement Project.

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Osborn Neighborhood Alliance

Osborn Neighborhood Alliance (ONA) advocates, builds capacity, and works as a partner with residents to make Osborn a community of choice. ONA was established in 2006 under the Skillman Good Neighborhoods Initiative with a governing board of 33 residents and stakeholders. The Osborn community is located on the northeast side of Detroit.

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Southwest Solutions

Southwest Solutions offers human services and affordable housing assistance along with economic development training for families. Programming includes: parenting workshops based on High Scope curriculum, playgroups for ages 0-5, family literacy events and a lending library of toys and books. Free childcare during workshops and classes are offered in Spanish.

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United Way for Southeastern Michigan

United Way serves the community via a wide-range of service programming. United Way SEM educational work is focused on early childhood development and college and career readiness. The organization partners with parents and childcare providers to foster nurturing, literacy-rich environments. By partnering with low performing high schools, United Way SEM hopes to provide students with personalized learning experiences that help prepare for college and/or a career.

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