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dragracer February 5, 2010

My son is constantly being bullied. He is afraid to go to school now. It is a HUGE battle everyday. The 3rd week of school he had to ride the bus and he was jumped as soon as he got off the bus. The bus driver just stood there and watched. When I got home I called the police and filed a report against the child. He has bothered my son since 4th grade. 2 weeks after that another kid started bothering him. 2 weeks ago a kid bigger than my son came up and hit him in the chest (right in front of the principal) my son popped him in the moth to get the kids to let him go. The principal called us, they were going to suspend my son for defending himself, but my husband and I fought that and won. We again called the police and filed a report against the school. On Tues a kid threw a rock, hit my son just below the eye (1/2 inch) and it cut the area. We once again called the police. Thr school told us "KIDS WILL BE KIDS". The kids was only suspended for 1 day. The next day (wed) another kid threw a rock and ht my son in the back of the head, he has had a headace and a knot) both times this was done in P.E. and the teacher was no where around. The kid was not suspended. I am going to interview a private school tomorrow and go to the school board and put up a HUGE fight on why I think they should pay for it since they cant seem to protect my son. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS FORM ANYONE?

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MagnetMom February 5, 2010

Hi dragracer, I'm so sorry to hear what your son has been through. I'd follow up with law enforcement and press charges against the kids doing this. I'm not a litigious person, but I'd also contact the school district and say if something is not done, I was going to get legal representation. Above all, I could not send my son back to that school knowing what is being allowed to go on there.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


dubboee February 6, 2010

This is horrible!!!! The fact that the school is aware of the issue and don't do much to protect your son is just outrageous! I would report this school in all kinds of online school site like this. People need to know about problems in an specific school and how poorly this is handle. Nowadays, internet is a very powerful tool and news gets spread very fast! Can you tell the name or city where this school is? I understand that you might want to stay incognito but, pehaps other parents of your school are not aware of the issue and once this is known they might be helpful. Who wants to keep their child in a school with poor administration???


trindaanne April 15, 2013

can you pls. email me at as I want to talk to you in private. Thank you kindly.

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