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BMomof4 March 23, 2011

Yesterday I received a phone call from the school office, they just did not gave details about it, just that it was for spanish-speaking parents. When I asked just they told me that it was so important to be there.
We went to the meeting and I discovered that the principal needed to fulfill a requirement about a DELAC meeting. He went too fast, not even taking the care to translate to some parents -who did not know the purpose of the meeting either- and we signed. He rapidly assigned a chairperson and a secretary... That was all!
I worked before as an ELAC representative, and also, there was not any communication between the principal, the counselor and I. This is frustrating because I perceive the lack of interest in this issue. What can I do to improve the interest in him??? Would be appropriate to report this to the Superintendent??? What can I do?

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mouthothesouth March 25, 2011

Request an appointment for a conference face to face with him to discuss your concerns. If he still shows no interest, then... report it.


aeriqa November 6, 2013

Just keep pushing. That's what I do. I am a DELAC Rep too. Actually to clarify...we don't just represent the Spanish Speaking Community , but also students and parents of a second language. I know first hand it can be frustrating, but we must not give up!

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