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Moving to California.....please recommend a Middle School for my 6th grader


Alyssa2013 February 11, 2013

We are a military family and my husband was just informed that we will be stationed at BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, I'm told its near YUBA CITY. We currently live in San Antonio Texas and my husband and I have put all our efforts into making sure our girls are in the right type of school that offers everything a parent is looking for.

Our oldest daughter is now currently attending Texas A&M in College Station, Texas and will be staying to finish off her studied there. But, our other daughter will be going with us. She is 11 years old going into 6th grade, so I need help suggesting an awesome Middle/Junior High School for her to attend.

We keep getting conflicting information on where to live whether it be on base or off. If we do decide to live off we were told to choose, LINCOLN, ROCKLIN or ROOSEVILLE, California. I was told not to live in YUBA CITY, MARYSVILLE, OLIVEHURST or WHEATLAND, California.

PLeeeeeeease give us some input and help us make our move to California FUN and EASY!!!!!


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MagnetMom February 19, 2013

Hi Alyssa2013, and welcome to the Parent Community at GreatSchools.

Have you tried: ?

You can type in the zip code, and narrow down your search by reading parent reviews, comparing school ratings. You can dig into the test scores and get an idea of what you want out of a school in the area.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.


cabostongirl February 20, 2013

I would recommend Davis, CA and Granite Bay/West Roseville, CA. They have awesome schools, great community and are very safe. I live in Vacaville, CA and while the city is very safe, the schools are terrible. Good luck!


joycetown February 25, 2013

My husband is stationed at Beale. We just moved here last month and found a home in West Roseville. My daughter will go to Cooley next fall. We are all different, BUT we chose to look in Rocklin/Roseville and then Lincoln next. Our options were limited due to people making multiple offers on homes.
We wanted convenience of shopping, grocery and activities so Rocklin/Roseville was the best choice for us. This link will tell you what school a certain address is assigned to for Roseville.
Feel free to email me with any questions. Schools are our first priority and we needed elementary and middle schools for our kids.
Joyce or on Facebook at Joyce Foster Town

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