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Moving to West Palm Beach Fl from Rome Italy


user5440848 February 7, 2014

Hello everybody, I found this site and I think it's GREAT!...soon we will have a big move from Italy to WPB, I'm really worried about middle school of my 10 years daughter, can someone give me some suggest?
Thanks in advance.

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TeacherParent February 13, 2014

West Palm Beach?
Should have good schools and if you google it, you might find an Italian speaking community or other EU expats in that area to offer the best advice on the area. If your daughter is ten, she might be enter the 5th grade which could be an easier transition than beginning Middle School. Between now and then give her as much English as you can - watching English language cartoons and films can help with learning a language and be fun as well.

Welcome to the US-


user5440848 February 21, 2014

Thank you for your answer, I tried to find in internet but I didn't find any italian community and andvices from us citizens like you are the same even better!!! My daughter will turn 11 in july and I would not that she will lose a year of school, I know that the transition will be hard in this way but I think it will be worst lose a year e start 6th grade with younger children. The age it's perfect for 6th grade and she is doing private english lessons so.....The problem will be that we will move in october and the school in Florida start in august so she can not will be there from the beginning, maybe it is possible have a private tutoring from school by web till we will move.....?
Sorry for my english, i'm learning too!!


TeacherParent February 27, 2014's_website.htm

That address gives a list of Italian-American social clubs all around West Palm Beach - every one has a contact person and their email.

Private tutoring through a public school would be unusual. But usually the school has a website and some teachers post their homework online. It might very well be possible for your daughter to follow her classes online until she enters school.

The school guidance counselor might be able to answer that question.

Good luck with the move - Welcome to the U.S.!

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