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Public School help PS 397


saranyc December 18, 2012

I also posted in schools, but this thread seems more active and would love insight!
Hi all-
Looking to buy an apartment and want to give consideration to future kids/plans :) Know you're never guaranteed anything, waitlists etc etc but would prefer to buy in zones like PS41, PS235 etc. Would love to hear opinions or links to articles on Spruce. By the time my kids would go it would be about 7 years from now (call me crazy, but I'm not buying an apt in a bad school district, I was a teacher!!) so I know it would be much further developed etc. Just don't know if there's good data, articles, anecdotal info right now that would be helpful? Frankly I'm nervous about it, but with the incredible amenities etc I think it's worth considering. Really appreciate all helpful commentary, if you're here to argue with me or suggest there's something wrong with what I'm doing I won't reply/defend myself it's a waste of time :)

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