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Video: Three easy school lunches

Chef Carlin Greenstein shares her recipes for healthy quesadillas, dips, and more.

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Comments from readers

"I couldn't view this video due to a slow internet connection but I've read the comments to get an idea of content and there seems to be a lot of discussion about keeping things hot or cold. For the cold items we keep a Rubbermaid blue ice freezer pack at the bottom on his lunch container. It get laid flat in the freezer each night so it slides in nicely the next day. When he gets home the contents are still cold. My son doesn't mind eating a cold wrap or sandwich as long as the ingredients are tasty. As far as soup, the suggestion to fill the thermos with hot water first works well for us. My son is very sensitive to hot temperatures and he said it's perfect when he gets to lunch. We practiced how to open the thermos safely and without a mess at home. Hope this helps. "
"I have packed soup for my kids for years. In a childs lunch thermos with the wide lids. They especially love it in winter. Like the other post, I warm the thermos with hot water, then dump out the water and fill with soup. Correct on not making the lid too tight. It is warm at lunch. I notice a big difference in my childrens behavior when I pack them a healthy lunch, vs when they eat school lunches. The afterschool meltdowns ended. "
"I actually bought my son a kids cookbook that had different meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack that a child could make (with adult supervision of course) and he loved them. He takes wraps to school but every once and a while will want pb&j. The wraps would have pb & apple slices or lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing. I bought him an insulated lunch bag and small ice pack in order to keep the food & drinks cold and the worked well. "
"Those look great...but how do you keep the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot after it hangs on their hook for 4 hours? "
"I love these ideas, but one of the problems that I have is that my daughter does not eat soup or any veggies. I love the humus idea, but she doesn't like humus either. The quesadilla is a really good idea and I could try something with that. Any other ideas? "
"I have packed homemade soup in a thermos for school lunch for my children for years. (You can buy a kid-friendly thermos at any grocery store or discount store.) Pre-heat the thermos with HOT water then dump the water out and pour in the soup. Remember not to over-tighten the thermos to ensure little hands can unscrew the lid at school without assistance. When your child opens the thermos at lunch time the soup will be warm but not too hot to cause a burn. It's a great healthy lunch alternative my kids have really loved over the years. "
"Those are great ideas...but I don't think a child will want to eat a cold quesidilla or cold soup for their lunch. If you think to put the soup in a "hot" thermos, that's kind of risky for an elem child to handle on their own. Melted cheese in quesidilla gets cold after sitting for a few hours and blech...just my opinion. "
"Love the ideas but have question re: quesidilla. How would I keep this warm? "
"I like the ideas, particularly the quesedillas, but do they really expect we could pack soup? "
"These are suggestions for a SCHOOL LUNCH?? By the time lunch rolls around the quesadilla will be COLD and hard, not soft and crispy. It has cheese, avocado, and chicken, it will need to be kept cold until lunch or the bacterial will multiply soooo quickly. The pita and hummus is okay, but the soup??? Definitely need a thermos to keep it hot. Suggestions should be for easy, packable lunches that a kid will enjoy and can eat safely. "
"Great ideas but most students don't have a way to keep these foods hot at school... I would think cold soup and cold quesadillas would be not to appealing for kids "
"Great Ideas on actually some nice "real" food versus all the processed foods our kids eat today. Funny how everyone wants their kids to succeed in school, yet they feed them garbage in their lunches...anyone ever hear of "garbage in, garbage out"? I am just saying.... "
"Two of these options seem like they should be served hot...not sure my kids would devour cold soup or cold quesadilla. "