How to put limits on your child's media time

TV, computers, and video games can be good for kids - with a few rules.


    This video explains how to limit the amount of time that children spend with video games and television. Parents should make sure that kids’ screen time has limits and that programs and games are age-appropriate and educational. They can also make sure media time supports their learning by watching with their child and asking questions about what they’re watching or playing. The video is most appropriate for parents of kids in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.

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    Comments from readers

    "Excellent "
    "I think the best thing is to keep them occupied with lots of other things. Be prepared to take a walk at the sign of boredom. Keep lots of legos around, not put away! It takes work, but if you keep them occupied, they don't realize they are missing the videos, tvs, electronic games, etc. Cause once they ask, you become the bad guy always saying no. Of course we have our rules - weekends only and for limited time periods with lots of breaks. But if we just keep busy, no one realizes the day has gone by without the stuff. :) "