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user5847927 May 11, 2015

We are moving this summer from Alaska to Maryland to better meet our 3 year old daughter's needs. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder... More » 


user5821068 March 20, 2015

Any have a list of peanut free preschools in Orange County CA?


user5811889 March 4, 2015

Hello, I have recently enrolled my child in an after-school program. I sat down with the director and she explained to me the program guided... More » 


user5711598 September 30, 2014

Hi! With my family we moved to Syracuse in August 2014. Now we need to find local public education facility (pre-school or kindergarten) for our... More » 


user5394981 September 16, 2014

Hi My kid is going to 3 yrs now. I am looking for public preschools. Can anyone suggest me regarding this....

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user5382125 September 17, 2014

Palmer Catholic Academy Preschool is a very well established preschool. An 'A' rated school for kindergarten... More »


user5694686 September 13, 2014

Hi, I have recently moved to St Paul MN 55119 near Mcknight village apartment. I am looking for some economical preschool for my son who is... More » 


user5692844 September 11, 2014

We are PCSing to Macdill this coming Fall (Early Nov) and my son turns 5 late November. The plan is to get him registered as soon as possible but... More » 


user5675734 August 27, 2014

What time does preschool get out at Carver


user5674393 August 26, 2014

hi we r moving to glen oaks ps 115 son almost 4years old missed prek seat there.What are the options now for his prek? m looking for full... More » 


user5655779 August 12, 2014

We r new to this place can we get admission to our daughter who is from India in September month

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