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4 year old toddler


LeesyForever92 March 9, 2013

my daughter is 4 years old and should be in school by now she will be 5 in august but shes giving me a hard time with potty training. does she have to be potty trained before starting school? if so, are is there anything i can do to try and fix this problem with her potty?

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canative March 10, 2013

Although it's not unheard of, it is unusual for a typically developing 4 year old to still use diapers. Has your pediatrician ruled out any physical cause for her situation? I don't know where you live, but in most general education public school classrooms, children do need to be potty trained as teachers don't have time or equipment to change diapers. Special education is a different story depending on the child's disability. I would suggest speaking with your pediatrician about this to rule out any developmental problems, and to ask for some tips on helping your daughter learn to use the toilet.


treshijos April 14, 2013

I believe your daughter needs to be potty trained by the time she starts kindergarten (unless she has some special needs and the school can accommodate her). Have you tried different methods to potty trained her?. I just finished potty training my three years old child. It took me a couple of tries but it worked! So, I left him without diapers for about two weeks, he wet his pants every single day (so many times a day), i was getting frustrated but i had to be persistent and he finally got it. There was a lot of cleaning and the house got dirty but im glad i got him to leave his diapers. Have you tried something similar?

Good luck!!!

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