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naunchy May 13, 2013

My daughter is in prek3 at a Catholic School. She is a great kid; however, has been experiencing some behavioral issues in her first year of school. I want to put her in cheerleading as she has been taking dance and gymnastics since she was very young. She is also very excited about cheering this year as well. I think this will help her focus on something she loves and give her an opportunity to bond with her fellow cheerleaders (she is an only child). Do you think this is a bad idea because we're still working on correcting her bad behavior?

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MagnetMom May 13, 2013

Hi naunchy, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

You can take everything away from her while she works on her behavior or you can let her have something special and work on her behavior. Is her behavior that out of the ordinary for a prek3 that the teacher has concerns?

She's so young at this point, I'd say she's still transitioning to a school environment, and having to listen at cheer will help her listen in school as well. You can draw the parallels for her (Just like you listen to coach, you must listen to your teacher).

Good luck, and let us know how she's doing.


Elenam3 May 18, 2013

Your daughter is most likely TOO smart compare to the other children in her class, so she might be bored, therefore acting out.
More TLC and less sugar will help tremendously.
Cheerleading or other type of activity shall be of a great help, since our children are not using their energy nowadays as much as they should; and if she wants to do it, go with it!
Karate helps a lot with concentration, behavior, and especially respect/manners; there should be martial arts studios you can take her for the try-out. She will also learn to defend herself, which is helpful in her future too.
Blessings to you and your little angel-girl!


TeacherParent May 19, 2013

Activities done outside of school can only help a child, not hurt. Bad behavior can come from excess energy and cheerleading along with dance and gymnastics teach children how to follow instructions and how to be part of a productive group.


chicagojlo May 19, 2013

We were in a similar situation and enrolled our daughter in a martial arts class which had a big impact on her behavior. Sometimes they tune us out when we keep saying the same thing over and over again, and it takes someone else saying it in a new way to get them to realize they need to behave a certain way. I say give it a go, but be ready to pull her if things don't change.

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