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Redshirt or Repeat Kindergarten at Different school?


user5245042 August 16, 2013

My son could not be enrolled in K4 at his preschool last year due to his birthday being 3 days over the cutoff date. So we enrolled him in K3 which made him the oldest. During one year, his social skills have improved 200% but not so much academically. This preschool curriculum is known as higher than other preschools. He did go in with advanced finer motor skills as well as other areas academically. I felt like the preschool was not challenging enough for him. After receiving all "Outstanding" progress report and a preschool teacher's recommendation, we decided to take him out of preschool and enroll him at the private school kindergarten. This program's cutoff is 10/30 so he made it in, but he will be the youngest is his class.
He is starting his kindergarten in two weeks and I am totally freaking out on the decision. Should I have redshirted him? But instead, I am thinking of repeating kindergarten for him next year. I can't see him repeat at the same school, but there is another great private school kindergarten that we can move him to repeat kindergarten next year. I am thinking since they are different school, he won't be bored by repeating same curriculum and feeling bad seeing his classmates promote. Also, the other school offers upper class so he can stay and graduate high school. The other school only offers up to middle class.
What do you think of this idea? I really want him to succeed and be a leader and superstar at sports!
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Concerned Mom

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MagnetMom August 18, 2013

So you're thinking of him doing kindergarten this year anyway?

You'll have plenty of opportunity to see him progress and decide if he needs to repeat. Cut offs are indeed arbitrary and there's no way anyone can be 100% on anything. But you'll have much of this year to gauge his progress and then go from there.

Someone is always going to be the oldest, and someone will always be the youngest, but your plan seems to at least have two jumping off points. He can attend this kinder and if you need to switch schools and he'll get another chance if he's not on par.

Don't worry about the sports so much. My son was a November baby, the youngest in his class and he was fine in sports.


mbenavides2011 September 16, 2013

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