Second Grade

Academic Skills

What's so important about next year?

Next year, your child faces the most important grade of all. Here's why.

Parenting Dilemmas

"My teacher hates me!"

What does it mean? And what should you say? Five very different experts offer their best advice.

Health & Development

Can you really help your child's brain grow?

Learn one expert's surprising advice for boosting kids' brain power.


Warning signs of bullying

Know the nine signs your second grader is being bullied at school.

Health & Nutrition

Weighty issues

10 strategies to help your child stay at a healthy weight.

Academic Skills

Inside second grade math

Building on the basics, second-graders should be able to add, count, write whole numbers up to 1,000, and much more.

Academic Skills

Social studies in second grade

Second graders dive into history by reading biographies of U.S. leaders and luminaries.

Academic Skills

Your second grader and technology

This year your child's ready to learn to use technology tools like clip art, email, and even simple graphing software.

Academic Skills

Your second grader and PE

By putting a creative spin on games, second graders exercise their bodies and imaginations at once.

Academic Skills

Your second grader and art

Second graders explore color and learn about the elements and meaning of art.

Academic Skills

Your second grader and music

In a rich music program, second graders develop their understanding of pitch and melody, play instruments, and learn about famous musicians.

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