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Apple Seed Multiplication

Try this tasty and fun activity to practice multiplication with your third-grader.

By Linda Eisenger, Consulting Educator

In this activity your child practices multiplication with the seeds of an apple.

What You'll Need:

  • An apple
  • A knife to cut the apple

Here's How To Do It

Cut an apple in half. Have your child count how many seeds are in each half and then multiply the seeds of the halves together to get the product.

Linda Eisinger was named the 2005 Missouri State Teacher of the Year. She was also selected by the Boeing Corporation as the 2005 Outstanding Educator. She has received many other accolades including the Outstanding Educator award from the Smarter Kids Foundation in Canada. Linda is a contributing author to the 2007 Brainquest educational game. She serves as the president of her local teachers' association and continues to teach third grade at West Elementary in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Comments from readers

"I am having a difficult time teaching my daughter multiplication, she guesses instead of actaully knowing... I have tried everything. Does the fact that she seems to have low self esteem aned is softhearted have anything to do with her ability to learn at a faster pace? She was born 3 1/2 months early but seems to be normal just has problems comprehending... I am so exhausted with tryin to exhaust all options...."