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Color and shape abstract art

How you can help at home: In this activity your child explores different shapes to create abstract art.

By Nancy Roucher, Consulting Educator

Help your child use her knowledge of color and shape to create an abstract composition.

What you'll need

Drawing paper
Different colored construction paper
Paste or glue

Here's how to do it

Ask your child what shapes she can name and draw: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Challenge her to draw the shapes in different ways. For example, a long thin rectangle, a small circle, a big circle, a large triangle. Invite your child to cut out shapes in different colored construction paper.

Explain that she will experiment with the placement of the shapes on the drawing paper before gluing them down. Suggest putting one shape high, one low, touching one side of the paper, overlapping another shape, putting one shape in the middle of another shape. Then have your child glue the shapes to the paper.

Discuss the mood that the artwork conveys. Does it seem energetic or peaceful? Happy or sad? Explain that abstract art uses colors and shapes to express a feeling or mood. It doesn't have to look like anything we recognize.

Nancy Roucher is an arts education consultant from Sarasota, Florida. For 12 years she served as co-director of the Florida Institute for Art Education, a statewide project to help individual school districts implement comprehensive arts education. She consults with schools, museums and arts councils, and has developed a variety of curricular and program materials for arts education.