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Science and nature books for kindergartners

Discover the many facets of life on earth with an award-winning photographer's take on dirt, an exploration of corn's cultural history, and a stunning photo-essay of one colorful chameleon. This book list will encourage kindergartners to ask questions about the science behind the everyday and the exotic.

By GreatSchools Staff

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A Handful of Dirt

A Handful of Dirt
by Raymond Bial
Walker Books for Young Readers (2000), $17

Dirt gets its due as award-winning photo-essayist Raymond Bial takes readers on an up-close tour of one of the planet's most precious resources — and the microscopic creepy-crawlies and mammals that depend on it. As Bial writes, "Without soil, there would be no life on earth." Understanding this concept is vital to teaching kids the fundamentals of ecology.