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Books for kids who hate to read

Is your child missing out on the joys of books? Check out these ideas to kick-start his or her love of reading.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Light a love of literature

One of the great pleasures of parenthood is seeing your child’s nose buried in a book. Written stories let kids stretch their imagination in ways that movies and television never could.

But for some kids, the joy of reading doesn’t come easily — and may never come at all without a gentle nudge. Maybe they have a reading disability, find reading too labor-intensive (books are hard; TV is easy!), or just haven't found a book that clicks for them.

If your child is a reluctant reader, don’t give up! There are ways to light a fire under even the most unenthusiastic reader. It could be just a matter of finding the right book or series to ignite that love of reading.

Comments from readers

"Why why WHY do Twilight and Harry Potter have to be on that list? Everyone has heard of them, they have been mentioned to death. Bring on some new, fresh ideas for reluctant readers."
"My son who is in 1st grade was reluctant reader till he watched all Harry Potter movies and read 2 books in 10 days and now on his 3rd book. I am thankful to author for writing for such interesting books which children can related to. He also took AR test and got 70%. "