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Free tutoring under the No Child Left Behind Law

Your child may qualify for free tutoring, but you need to know your rights and ask questions to get the full benefit of the services the law requires.

By GreatSchools Staff

Hundreds of thousands of students are eligible for free tutoring under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, but less than 15% of them are getting it, according to the U.S. Department of Education. While districts have improved efforts to notify parents early in the school year that their children qualify for tutoring, this is still a problem, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported to Congress in 2006. Here's what to do if you think your child is eligible.

How do I find out if my child qualifies?

Your district is required to inform you. Your state Department of Education also has this information.

Generally, your child qualifies if she is getting a free or reduced-price lunch and attends a Title I school categorized as "in need of improvement" for two years in a row. Title I schools are in attendance areas where at least 35% of the students and their families are low income.

Who provides the tutoring?

Providers can be for-profit companies, nonprofits (community organizations or colleges, for example), but they must be approved by your state.

Because of the millions of dollars available for tutoring, NCLB has created a boom in the industry, attracting some providers with little or no history of improving student performance. While it's up to states to monitor the quality of tutoring, most struggle to do so effectively, according to a 2007 report by the Center on Education Policy.

As private companies, school officials and government agencies argue over the rules, parents have to ask lots of questions to learn the full range of tutoring services available to their children.

How do I find a tutor for my child?

Your state Department of Education is required to maintain a list of approved providers that shows which services are offered in your school district. Approved providers don't necessarily offer services in every community.

How can I be sure my child is getting a good tutor?

While NCLB requires that classroom teachers have credentials, it does not set standards for tutors. That means parents need to do their homework to take full advantage of the law. Read Need to Get a Tutor? Here are Questions You Should Ask on for ideas about what to ask when you're considering a tutor.

Ask school district officials and tutoring service providers whether a tutoring program follows your district's program of instruction. It's also important to know whether a tutor will regularly communicate with your child's teacher and with you. Don't assume this will happen.

How is the school involved?

Once a family chooses an approved tutoring service, the district contracts with and pays the service. A provider that doesn't help students improve for two or more years is supposed to be removed from the state list. The provider is required to set goals for your child in a meeting with you, your district and your child's teacher or principal, then report your child's progress back to all of you. You should ask how often you will get these updates.

Comments from readers

"im 13 years old and need help in math and reading im willing to do the work but i get confused so please help i may be young to ask but i just want my mom to be pround of me so im beging please get a tutor to pass my make up test by the way im in 7th grade "
"Hello my son is 7yrs old and he is in an IEP program at his school that does not qualifies for free tutoring. My son has been retained. He struggles to stay focus and get his work done. He has improve with his reading however he still need to improve with his grade. He received a D grade average this year and i would like to get him prepared for this following year. We need a little help. The community where we live qualify for the program but not his school. How can I get help for him? "
"Iwant my child go ahead in math "
"My son is going to Plato Academy in Largo and I'm so happy! Before he was behind in math and at F.C.A.T ? FORGET ABOUT IT . But at Plato Academy, is a charter school, they have free tutoring for the students that they are not doing good and not after school, during school. They are taking the kids during P.E time or Greek time about 3- 4 times a week and my son now is doing great in math! I'm so happy, you have no idea! Call them and ask them! I'm sure there is a line of families waiting but they have 5 schools now in Pinellas County ! Just ask! "
"great great info thank u Hope I can get some help for my boys over the summer "
"My son is in need of tutoring sevice for this summer. His school will not have summer classes and he is in Jeopardy of getting left back. I believe he has a learning disabilitiy and currenty is getting an evauation done. this has been going on for two years and I need results. If he get the tutoring that is needed I believe he won't get left behind. "
"My son is in need of tutoring sevice for this summer. His school will not have summer classes and he is in Jeopardy of getting left back. I believe he has a learning disabilitiy and currenty is getting an evauation done. this has been going on for two years and I need results. If he get the tutoring that is needed I believe he won't get left behind. "
"I'm looking for a free tutoring services for my daughter who is currently in the 3rd grade in the Brooklyn NY area. She is struggling in math and reading and is in jeopardy of getting held over. Yes she is receiving free lunch. "
"i need help with learning what my rights are as far as retaining my chile two years in a row. "
" i need a tutor for my sons they are falling behind in school "
"i need a tutor for my son and daughter. they are falling behind and i want them both to graduate on time. "
"I need a tutoring for my child. He is falling behind in school. I have talk to the teacher and she is telling me that he needs some help, with reading, writing, and math. "
"My 9 year old son needs help in math. I can't explain it to him. The teacher said promotion is in doubt. "
"my kids get free and reduce lunch but i don't know if they qualify for free tutoring,they really need the additional help and i can't afford it. "
"i need a tutor for my child.but i cant afford it.i want to no if he is qualify for a free tutor plz "
"i need help for my 7th grade son .... with reading and writing ..and homework.. his reading level is 4 th grade ..huh ...he 's not getting enough help from these school"s in queens its very sad ! please... we r cry for help !!! :"( .. "
"We are not receiving the reduced lunch, we are a family that makes enough money to not qualify for the school lunch program, but really not enough to pay the $50/hour tutoring fees necessary for my child to succeed. She needs help! Where do we go. So far, the $50/hour tutor has not helped in anyway, and we have invested $1250.00 so far this year! I am frustrated and confused and have lost faith in our schools ability to help children that need and want help. So far all they do is identify problems, not solve them!!! "
"NCLB has ruined my daughters chance at continued education in a normal English class or any extra classes she needs. She has been stuck in intensive reading for 5 years because she has trouble testing. She has never passed the fcat. She loves to read and reads all of the time. I mean at least 5 books per month. She does not qualify for tutoring because she does not qualify for free lunch. The teacher is teaching easy boring stuff to the kids that are slower and non english speakers so she is getting nothing from the class. She is not being taught 10th grade vocab, she was not taught 9th grade vocab. She was not helped to pass the test last year even after I explained her testing problems with the teachers. My daughter may not even get the extra classes she needs for college and there is no student choice in our county. "
"use 24002718463854 as the code "
"free tutoring: 24002718463854 "
"I am SO frustrated at my daughters school!!! She is in 5th grade,an has been at this school for 3yrs. Since she has been going there I have(an family members) have asked over an over for help for my daughter. Last yr the teacher announced that he doesnt have the time to correct all the work so he'll take the first few an if it looks like they've got it then he'll pass the rest!! WHAT!!?? I couldn't believe it!! The school put us in this evening class to "Bring" us closer, so she would do better in school. It was a JOKE!!! Our closeness is not the problem!! The school an my daughters closeness IS the problem!! I have asked repeatedly about the NCLB opptions here at this school or any where in the county. The school didnt even have a clue about the program. Needless to say only a couple months later after the principal moved to a different school our school got put on a level 2( I think) school. Put on probation sorta by the state. Very low test scores! When only a couple! yrs earlier they were one of the best in town. Sad! :-( So now that it is the beginning of Feb. an three yrs later she is finally going to get some help, I HOPE. I am also a single mother. Very low income, but would do everything I could to get her the help she needs. I am so disappointed by the school system. I have even contacted the Board Of Ed. here in town after reading there web page about all there help an opportunities they have for our children in the county. All they said was "Why are you calling us?" I couldn't believe it again!! Has all the educational system gone down the drain? Is ANYONE really there for these kids an families that need help? I have never expected a miracle, only maybe some kind of knowledge of the programs that are out there. The school system needs SO much help! If we're going to have any hope for our children's futures. An a HUGE part of there future needs to come from home life. From a mom an a dad raising them! TOGETHER!! Eve! n if there NOT together. It take's a village these days! H! ope the best for everyone an there children.. I know an understand all your frustrations! It's time we come together an do something for the future of our children. An leave the $$$$$ part out of it!! IT'S ABOUT OUR CHILDREN/OUR FUTURE!!!!! "
"my daughter needs help with reading and writing "
"Are any one getting back to you guys about your questions???? "
"I'm possitive my son qualify for frofit NCLB . So I'd like to find tutoring one on one for him. He's in the 5th grade now. He had the MSP test when he was in 4th grade with the result showing on level 2 only and still in trurggle in math and english very much recently. I'mso tressfull on the way going to middle school of him .Please, help me . Thanks a lot.... "
" I need help in math ! "
"so i have a first grade nephew who needs tutoring so he can enter public school this upcoming year he is a bright boy with a big heart just needs more of the individual working skills we have been on visions in education for the past year and was wondering if home school students qualify under this law? "
"I need assistance locating a tutor under the NCLB act. How do I find this information? The Middle school doesn't not provide this. "
"I Need Help With Subjects And For Free "
"What do you do if you your income doesn't qualify you for nclb reading and math help, but you can't afford a 30 or > an hour tutor. "
"I want to provide tutoring for profit under NCLB scheme. You have not written as how to obtain approval of state governments. I am interested in the states of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Please give me the complete guidance. "
"to the comment on 1-5-2012, i am kind of in same boat my daughters school principle and counselor said since my daughter did not qualify for free or reduced lunches she could not get the tutoring in the after school program. this goes to the no kid left behind i am still trying to find help i have emailed the superintendant a senator and a couple people in the state board of education. still waiting for a response i believe this is discrimination because it is THE PREJUDICIAL TREATMENT OF AN INDIVIDUAL BASED ON THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN A CERTAIN GROUP OR CATEGORY, IT INVOLVES THE ACTUAL BEHAVIORS TOWARDS GROUPS SUCH AS EXCLUDING OR RESTRICTING MEMBERS OF ONE GROUP FROM OPPURTUNITIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO ANOTHER GROUP. and i have yet heard of any one saying opposite i just have to try to figure out what i can do, i am sure this is happening to alot of other children just my opinion the no child left behind is more about money than helping. at least it sems other wise i believe! the chools would help more of the kids but as my daughters school says if ya dont qualify for the federal and state granted food program ya dont get any help as it sems at the moment. "
"I have a 13 year old son that has been in Special Education since 1st grade. He has been receiving services associated with Chicago Public Schools since the age of 18 months through Early Intervention. He is now in 7th grade and does not seem to be progressing much. The state offers SES Tutoring Programs every year to those who qualify (which I do) to provide services for those students that need it. The school did a very poor job of notifying parents of when this was going to take place. Once we were notified to come in and complete the application (which I did) we were not notified on when the program was to start or who was selected. My son was not selected although I even chose off-site programs for my son's tutoring. I was told by the school staff that they choose the kids that need the tutoring the most. Which in my eyes mean they choose the kids who are not in SPED and whose ISAT scores count for the school. I feel that they think helping my son improve will! be worthless since his ISAT scores don't count towards the school. I have sent emails, called, requested meetings and have been getting the run around. I can in no way afford to pay for a private tutor. I contacted Sylvan who stated that services with them could run my upwards of $7,000. However, Sylvan was listed as one of the SES providers and he could have gotten those services for free through the SES program. Is there anyone that knows more about this process that can be of assistance to me or maybe give me some advice. Once again he attends school in Chicago. So this is Chicago Public Schools that I am referring to. Please feel free to email me if you have advice. "
"my child isn't 2 grades behind nor does she have a disability. She is clearly not getting the work the teachers are giving and she needs some 1 on 1 and they aren't giving it. The reason is they have 3rd and 4th graders in the same class, which is crazy to me because they are on 2 different levels. Also the 3rd grade students are working or reading something and the teacher is talking out loud (giving instructions) to the 4th graders about their work. How do you focus or learn? They are only teaching these kids to pass the MSA test. It doesn't matter that they don't get it completely it only matters they understand it enough to pass the MSA Test. This is not good and my major knock on schools now. I don't blame the teachers I blame the system, they set the school yr agenda. "
"I'm a licensed tutor in North Carolina and provide tutoring for parents who cannot afford the high cost for educatioal services. First start with your child's teacher and the school counselor if your child does not have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and you feel your child has a learning disability, have them them tested. Most students are unidentified although they are below grade level and subsequently have to be retained before action is taken in the public schools. Finally, seek private tutors in your area who have been trained in the subject and grade level for your child. "
"I was notified by my daughters school of this program, but when I signed her up to receive the free tutoring I was told that my daughters scores were not low enough and that she was being placed on a waiting list. I took her to Sylvan and had the assessment test done to get an idea of the cost to get her tutoring and they informed me for the amount of hours she will need it was going to cost me $5,000 dollars...I am stuck at this point and in need of help. I cannot afford this and I cannot afford to have my daughter fail. "
"I have a 10 year old son who has been in the same school district he currently resides in since he was in the first grade. With the help of his wonderful first grade teacher I was able to get my son an IEP that even to this day the IEP is active and has been very effective. For the most part the school has been descent when it comes to working with all my sons special needs (he has a Tss and BSC services (during his school day) provided from an outside organization) up until now when I finished reading this article. I am very upset that I was not told about the free tutoring- under the no child left behind law. I am now on a mission that I will continue and I will not stop until I find out as much information as I can to help me make the school district realize that I am serious and will not stop until my son receives the best education available to him according to the law so he may have the best chance/opportunities so he can succed to the best of his ability throughout hi! s life. I am a parent like almost all of you, all I want is the best education available for my son. "
"i just attended my daughters parent teacher confrence and was told that her reading is not up to par... i would like to find a tutor for my second grader so i know that when the school year ends that she is exactly where she needs to be with her reading and comprehension.. please help with info.... "
""I am a concerned mother of a second grader, who is currently struggling in read, he need a lot help. I need of tutoring. How do I go about getting my son the tutoring that he so needs to succeed? #PLEASE HELP! " "
"I need help on the essay "
"this is a great article and i believe it will help my child "
"I have 5 kids, my oldest has ADHD, bipolar disorder, learning disability,and my 6 grader and my first grader are struggling at school, my 6 grader needs a tutoring for study and homework and my first grade until now is not able to read, his level of reading is 3 and for his age the level is 6 .I try to get help from school but untl now nothing happens, and we now that education is extremely important , so please we are desperate for help, we live in Paxton, MA and we make part of wachussets district .I know a little about the program no child left behind, but I don't know how to make the school help us.Could someone please help my kids, we can't afford a tutor for them.thank you "
"I have a child that go to a special school in the Bronx. I am a single mom and I need help with him. The child is in the 4th grader but his reading average is 2nd grader. He is having a hard time with reading and writing. "
"My child is in the 3rd grade he is below readding math levels for his grade or age and is just not getting it I am disable And don't drive need help with transport or in home for him is that possible in solver spring md "
"Is the tutoring provided only for children who are doing poorly in school or for any child even if they are average to above average in all subjects? I have high expectations for my daughter and I want her to get tutored in order to skip 3rd grade, she is now in 1st grade. "
"Hello, I have 4 children but two who are CD they are in 6th and 7th grade and the schools have done nothing to help us to get them to read. I try but I need more help. Is there anything available around Eau Claire WI? We are desperate for help. "
"I am available for tutoring. Please contact me at the email address above. God Bless. "
"I really need people don't unde this program for both of my children.Without education who will the jobs go to and most people don't understand the new healthcare so,who will explain it to us.Eduation is the key! "
"I'm looking for a tutor for my 14 and 6yrs old boys "
"This is a great program for students, parents should get involve promoting the program and availability, in which assist our children with growth(learning)and promotion(graduation). The schools having a list of names of children attending encouraging the continuation and goal setting increase the childs motivation and willness to learn. Tutoring is available and it is free in our neighborhood, schools and community. afcmsvo/napsp "
"My son Jermaine is 6 yrs old and he has a speech delay.I've being almost every place were he can get speech therapy but didn't last for long du to he's insurance.He takes Speech Therapy in school 3 days a week for half an hour, but is not enough. My son's speech is from a 3 yr old kid and he's 6 going on 7 in a month in a half,everyone been giving me the round around for him and I think is not fair cause hes not getting any younger and I don't want kids to make fun of him in school.The last place were my son took hes speech therapy was at the "Rehabilitation Center" he only got one visit and after that he's insurace told me that he was'nt eligible for more visits, on my frst visit there they even told me that he needs "MORE" therapy, they also told me hes tonsils were big and he got them removed. But still no help from"Outside the school" for him, I just need the rite program or speech therapist for him and I can't seem to find it and when I do something always happens, if a! nybody can please help me find somewhere I can bring my son for speech therapy I would really appreciated and my son also. I hope to hear from you guys soon and thank you for your time... "
"2011: I really need this help for my son . "
"my chil is strugling in park elementery school and there is only one resolution and that is they are telling me that my child will have to go to special school ,but i dont understand they have special need children attending this school right now so why are they trying to send my son to a school out of the distric ,i belevieve thet what he needs is a tutor and also the taecher that he has is not very co-operative.i believe i need someone to step up and help me with this situation i think that because iam a young parent that they could treat me like a 2nd class citizen. JILLIAN "
"I am a single mom of 3 children ages 10,8, and 7. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I really need help getting my 5th grader tutored in math and my 3rd grader tutored in reading. I work full time and for whatever reason the city thinks I make enough to support these kids so I get no public assistance. Also no child support. I work a 8 hour shift and go to school myself. Im so busy that the kids school work is slacking. I really need help with a tutor for them ASAP. Any advice?? "
"NCLB does not include children who pay for lunches full price. What do parents do when their child is border line failing and do not fall into the "NCLB" criteria?? I can not afford a private tutor or one of the tutoring "schools" like Slyvan or Huntington. Our school district will not provide tutoring for my son because he pays full price lunches. I have been trying my darndest to get to him read on level on my own. But it looks like I will have no choice but sit and watch him fail 2nd grade..... "
"I am in the 11th grade and I and great in all of my classes except for math. I am taking my sat soon an I just need help with my math I really want to get into college someone please help I need a tutor ! "
"I'm a tutor I work with Club Z I am in Apple Valley California you can contact me I can tell you how to get signed up for the no child left behind tutoring. "
"My second grade daughter is struggling in her class work, because she is not getting the concept. Her grade is below average, I need help with her badly. help somebody. Thanks "
"My dilemma is I have a high school son very smart all AP classes but this year he is been very UN-organised not doing his home work I need a firm tutor who can make sure he does his work on time. "
"I am a concerned mother of a second grader, who is currently struggling and in need of tutoring. I have read your web site and to my understanding a qualifying student has to be attending an " I " school. In my case, my sons school actually ranks pretty high. How do I go about getting my son the tutoring that he so needs to succeed? #PLEASE HELP! "
""My son is having speech delayed problem and his having a hard time with his reading and math, he has a very low grade in reading and math, and he's in first grade now, please help my son, thank's..." "
"My daughter is having a hard time with reading...from the lack of her not having good teacher when she was in kindergarnen and first grade now she's in thrid grade and having a hard time...not going to say the school but when I really notice was to late but as a concern mom i put her into tutoring and seen that she was in a bad place...when it came to if there anyone can help me help my child I will be very greatful "
"I would really like a tutor for my 3rd grade daughter. When i call the board of ed they just give me the run around! "
"I have a 10th grade daughter who needs help in math and english and a 11th grade son who needs help in Math and english... "
"My 5th grader is really having a hard time in math and right now with our finacial situation we are looking for a tutor that is reasonably priced can you help us PLEASE? "
"thank you for helping me!!! i cound't find anything else. "
"My child is on a step up for students scholarship. I switched schools and her new school informed me that she's a year behind in reading. Can I get free tutoring for her? Or do I have to put her in a public school? "
"yes my kid has autism,adhd, and dislexsa and this was great for me to help her "
"my grandson is struggling is his classes he needs help. please help 5th grader. "
"As a parent of a full paying lunch student, I think its unfair that because we make too much for free/reduced lunch our 3rd grader doesn't qualify for math tutoring. What are we saying here? Just because we don't qualify for free lunch doesn't mean we aren't hurting financially. We're still paying an overinflated mortgage bought 6 years ago right before the market crashed, and since then have lost 25% of our income and are barely making it check to check ourselves. But according to your income levels we pay full price for lunch and therefore our son who needs math help can't get help cause somebody with lower income than us qualifies first? We could be like many who lie on their lunch applications but chose to be honest, and like so many situations in this world, being honest gets you no place. I know about these applications that are falsified because my friend worked in the cafeteria for the district for 35 years. They rarely investigate and follow up on application! s for accuracy. This is just ridiculous and quite discriminatory and punishing against people who have worked hard to get a decent job. The same situation with mortgage modifications. Because we scrape to pay on time, and haven't defaulted, we can't get it modified. This country is backwards and ridiculous! "
"this stinks!!!!!!!! "
"hello I need tutoring for my daughter she is is struggling in year 10 "
"my son is having hard time in test and quiz, please help us. thank you "
"My daughter is in second grade and she is having problem in math please help... "
"My daughter is having a hard time in 1st grade. Please help us. "
"ccan you help me with my homework? "
"We are low income family one of daughters is having a hard time with Math/Reading. Please help me to find a tutor that can give her the help she needs/ " "
"this will be my daughters 3rd time repeating the 7th grade. She is 14 and will be turning 15 in February. She really needs tutoring in math and she keeps failing the state math exam.. Please someone help "
"I'm a concerned parent of my child whom is now a jr in high school and I need information about signing her up for the free tutoring program asap please... "
"We are low income family one of daughters is having a hard time with Math. Please help me to find a tutor that can give her the help she needs/ "
"i just received a letter from my sons school stating he is not on track to graduate with his class this year because he is short on math credits. Should the school system have informed me of this prior and what are my rights to ensure they provide him with the support and credits for him to graduate with his class?they are telling me i have to sign him up for an online course or a college course in order for him to graduate. "
"i am so glad this article was out their for me. unfortunately my child school never informed me of this program. i have a special ed child who is an the iep program but, is not improving she is elevens years old and is barely reading kindergarden and first grade books and they keep passing her. is this right? "
"Best Statistics, finance, economics, accounting, math, physics, chemistry - Online Homework Help, Assignment Help providers on internet. 24 X 7 live online tutoring at "
"i have a son who study in 2nd grade but he had probelem to understand the reading and don't know how to writing ... i want a free tutor can help him out cuz i am chinese and i don't know how to teach him good .. i feel so worry and stress . "
"Need more information I live in Kansas and my daughter is completely blind and has many medical conditions.I need a tutor school is scary for her sounds scare her very bad. "
"my son suffer from sosial anixity,crys can handle school i need a tuter for my home free and i need to no my laws "
"I need help with my physics homework "
"#1. Look into a program called IEP (Individualized Education Program). Do all research possible regarding the program. #2. Find out if your child has a learning disability? ask the school counselor to have your child evaluated. If they don't act on your request go directly to the School District. #3. If needed right a letter to the school district advising them of your child's right to be tested. Good Luck!! "
"I need more inf, "
"I would like to know that if do get free tutoring for my son will it help him get his credits? and do they offer it during summer?"
"I am interesting in finding my 15 year old son a free summer reading program. He really struggles in reading. He will be starting High School this up coming school year. And he's reading on a fourth grade level. Paying for a tutor can be very expensive."
"I have an 8 year old child who is having a really hard time reading. She is desperately in need of help. I live in Miami, Oklahoma and the tutoring here is exspensive. We are very low income. Is there any help for my duaghter? Thank you so much for your time and help."
"My daughter is on a step up scholarship in jacksonville florida and is failing math - has straight A's in everything else. I need some financial help with math tutoring this summer. Please let me know if you can help"
"Is there a link to a location to identify these schools that are eligble? My state's Board of Education website was ambiguous and I couldn't find a list anywhere that definitively named the districts or schools eligible for free tutoring (CA)."
"i really need this help. I need help on math, science, and language arts. PLease help me."
"home tutoring or meet at library Need Sat prep."
"Can you help me with my kid is in south pasadena but not doing so good but I low income can you please help us. Thank you very much"
"My child is struggling in reading and math. I have utilized private tutoring and Sylvan. Private tutoring from May 2010 thru Nov 2010. She has been attending Sylvan from Dec 2010 thru April 2011. The school has her in reading recovery program. However her progress is slow. What should I do and where should I go for help."
"my child need help on math and read can please hlep with child i dont want him to back in the same grade.Right now he is in third grade."
"Is 27 a prime number greater than 20?"
"thanks for this free thing."
"Dear Sir or Madame: I am an experienced tutor and I am very interested in becomin a tutor for the No Child Left Behind Act. How do I go about attaining a tutoring position? I have a B.A. in English and I have also passed the CBEST... What other qualifications are required? Thank you for your time. Will"
"I have a very low income that I recieve only once a month. Where do I find all the free help and tutoring in reading and math I need for my daughters who are really behind. "
"I have read some of these comments and I can't say that I agree or disagree. I am a mother of two with no income not because I am lazy, rather because I have chose to go to school. I know it may seem selfish, but to me it is not. I am suffering right now and everyday I get up I tell myself; 'In the end my kids and I will not go without or live pay check to pay check.' This is a scarafice I have made for them. I think programs/ laws such as these can be benifical for children, but I think that it should apply to the 'needy' and those who are 'well off'. I can definately understand parents frustrations.My daughter is having difficulty with reading and writing. She is a bright child and I want her to get as much help as she can not just to pass first grade, but so she understands and is confident. If I had the money to pay for my own tutor I would, unfortunately I as well as many others just can't!!! I hope for those parents whos children are struggling like mine get the help t! hey need regardless of their income. I'm almost certain that if we all had enough money we wouldn't go through this if it wasn't necessary...who would?"
"how fair is this? I have to pay for a tutor, for my child and can't get the help she needs because our schools is not title 1. I own a house any pay taxes in Clifton, NJ and can't get the help even when my child had low test scores and is in speciale education classes. "
"this helps"
"So I can apparentlly afford to pay $4000.00 for tutoring for my son. If my income was lower, I could get it for free. Really, that doesn't seem fair to me. It's bad enough that I work hard, and pay taxes, so other people can benefit. There is really something very wrong with this system. "
"I've read all these stories about Parents like myself tryin to find a tutor for my precious daughter. I feel their pain because my daughter didn't pass the state math test because she wasn't tutored during the time before the test so she failed. someone please help this doesn't only hurt the child it hurts the parent more cause we are really trying. so with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND like my daughter tolded me inquote THEN WHY AM I!"
"Im very pleased about this article but i wish they would actually do as they say in the article because people just write but they dont act on it,"
"An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, applies to children enrolled in public schools who qualify. An IEP is required by law when a child is identified as having a disability that is recognized under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of an IEP is to provide a disabled child with specialized or individualized assistance in school. In order for an IEP to be developed for a child, school personnel must first evaluate the child and identify a qualifying disability. Though the evaluation can be initiated by either a parent or a teacher, the evaluation can not be performed without the parent's consent. Even if a specific disability, such as hearing loss, is suspected, the evaluation for a disability must encompass all areas of the child's development."
"Education Advantage offers free tutoring!"
"If you are reading these stories, you can actually feel the parents pain..A pain I feel seeing my child struggling through school...These are not lazy kids and these are not lazy parents, or too busy to help their child..These are parents with no where to go..I am a parent with a child struggling in High School, math is his weakest subject..I have bought him books, I have sat with him and try to help him, but a parents isn't a teacher, I don't remember geometry, I was very bad in geometry, so how can I help..I tried on line tutoring, which is way to expensive..If I could afford a private tutor my son wouldn't be in public school..Where is the help for my son and thousands of other kids like my son struggling through a subject..'No Child Left Behind' is just words, where is the help? My son is in summer school for geometry..and still struggling to understand it..What do I do...What do I tell me son, when he is asking for help..There is no place to go or we can't afford it.. Please help us..Help our kids, who are our future.. "
"I have a daughter going into 2nd grade, this new school year of 2010. I think she needs a tutor and I can't afford it. Please help!!! Plus on her report card she has IEP and her teacher, would not tell me what that means. Can you tell me what IEP stands for on a report card. Hers just say yes under IEP and the teacher did not help. Now she is going into second grade and I need know before she gets into third grade and not pass the FCAT test or score a 1 out of 5 on the test."
"My 10yrd old is struggling very hard in reading and math. He needs a tutor and I have been searching for quite some time now, but the fees are way more than I can afford. I need to know how to get the free tutoring for my son so he can progress better this up and coming school year. catch up."
"Hi my son is having a hard time in school and they suggust that he repet the grade again. I would like for him to get help I've reached out for help,but the fees are very high and I can't aford too pay six hundred dollas a month. I'm in need of help to help him."
"My child is struggling with math and reading and he has been going to tutoring at his school and still failed the taks test, I need real help I don't know what to do. I can't afford private tutoring please help with any suggestions."
"My daughter has IEP at school and receives help but, math is so hard for her. Please help us."
"This really works! I contacted the Glendale Board of Education and told them about this article and all of the sudden I am receiving the service. Prior to that I had gone to the Glendale Board of Education but they denied having any programs or services for students in need of tutoring or mentoring. That is very unfortunate! Its a bitter sweet story. THANK GOD for this educational website; it really helps us parents understand what to look out for to advocate for our children education. Thank you GreatSchools!!!!"
"hi my son is having a difficulty with reading please help me find a tutor for him. he is in need of one on one tutoring. i don't know if his school provide tutoring session. i have to find out. please email me back with any suggestion"
"I adopted a little girl with some learning disabilities but she has overcome the reading issues. Math is however so hard for her. She has an IEP and a tutor in her school. I just don't think that it is working. Under this program how do I get an outside tutor? How do I get started? "
"My child gets reduced lunch and has an IEP (ADD) but he still doesn't qualify for tutoring. The school gives there suggestions but dont help there favorite words are 'we dont have the budget'.. my child is struggling and needs help..I feel since they dont have the budget i dont have the income. dont complain and tell me anything of why my child is behind.. Im a single parent and its hard to havin to pay for a tutor.. I work full-time and i try so hard to work with my child one on one but its not easy with other 2 children living in the home.. "
"Thankyou so much for this website. It has helped me understand so much more about my chuldren's education system already and I have only just found it."
"For the last person commenting...Please if your life is so wonderful and you don't need this website other than to put people down because of their problems with their childresn, leave this site. The only reason why we are all reading this article is because we are trying to help our children in trouble. We all have different scenarios, so good job to all the parents that are trying to make a difference with your children by getting the help needed. Keep on posting and asking questions. Remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. "
"I have an idea. The parents who have commented are very concerned about their children, but have not taken the time to learn to write themselves from what they put forth here. Turn off the tv, set aside the cell phones and the texting, and pick up the children's books, and work with them. Tell the friends you'll get together on the weekend, or in the summer. If you're a single parent and tired after work, its a great time to sit and relax with them. They'll benefit from the parent time as well as the study time, and you can learn with them. "
"What does free, reduce lunch or how much money your parents make have to do with who gets tutoring? It a bunch of BS... My child gets reduced lunch and has an IEP but he still doesn't quilify for tutoring. So what else does he need to quilify for?"
"my child is borderline failing the 5th grade she has a d in reading and a d in science. her teacher informed me that if she does not pass thiss six weeks she will not pass the 5th grade and to add the ileap exam is now part of the promotion qualifications to pass 5th grade now my child goes to tutoring 3 days a weeks at her school for ileap testing not what she is working on with her work she is on in school so i really need to find a tutor for my child as soon as possible."
"NCLB could be a wonderful, and never the less a very needed, program. Unfortunately, the government workers that works to make this program work seem to be very self serving, and less than qualified to do so. I called the Arkansas Department of Education to request assistance in getting a tutor for my Grand Daughter. I called 501-682-4475 and received passed the buck experience. Finally, when I transferred to someone at The Educational Supplement Service Department, was asked who was the Superintendent the school district, my grand daughter attends. I responsed that, 'I should ask you, that question, that you are affilicated with Arkansas Eucational System. At that time I was given the name and number to Pulaski Special School District. "
"I personally do not like the 'no child left behind' program as it forces teachers to teach to these tests and not to the curriculum needed by children to succeed in their future - now I see that only the economically challenged qualify for free tutoring - I know countless young couples that are forced by todays' demands to both work - so they will not qualify for reduced lunch or tutoring help because they will be seen as making a too much money"
"my daughter wants 2 get put in her right grade she is 14 but she be 15 in march and she is in the 7th grade cause she failed 2 times 4th and 2nd how or what does she has 2 do to get put in her right grade"