Third Grade

Most important grade of all

Third graders have a giant hurdle that, if missed, can leave them in the proverbial dust, struggling as their peers gain new knowledge at what seems like lightning speed. More »

Parenting Dilemmas

One word that'll change your parenting

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck shares one word with remarkable motivating power.

Parenting Dilemmas

Gifted - or just privileged?

What side do you take in the gifted battles? Find out now.

Health & Development

The science behind growing a healthy brain

Can you really help your child's brain grow? Learn one expert's surprising advice for boosting kids' brain power.

Health & Nutrition

Rough-and-tumble play

Science backs what so many parents know: roughhousing can be great for kids.

Media Matters

Turn it off!

Nine steps to get your child off screens.

Worksheets & Activities

Third grade math worksheets

Review and reinforce skills like multiplication and geometry with these free printables.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and writing

Third graders learn a writing process, from pre-writing to editing to sharing their work.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and social studies

Third graders get a taste of political science as they learn the three branches of government.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and technology

Incorporating technology into a third grade classroom may mean using word processing and presentation software.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and PE

Many third graders apply their PE skills to sports and activities outside of school.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and music

From singing and dancing to playing simple instruments, third graders get a lot out of music class.

Academic Skills

Your third grader and art

This year, look for your child to bring home more arts project, using new materials and more techniques.

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