Common Core Roundup



Tech tools that boost IQ?

Technology plays a big role in Common Core. Check out which tech tools help — and which hinder — smarts.


Your child vs. the globe

If education experts can't agree about the meaning of international tests, what should parents make of them?


Readicide: is your child at risk?

What's killing kids' love of reading? The Readicide author reveals the culprit behind this educational crime.

Common Core State Standards

Nonfiction for fun and learning, too

Want to get your kid hooked on learning? Break out the nonfiction books early!


Small step, big (reading) difference

Reading together is great. But add this one little thing and you'll really be doing it right.

Common Core State Standards

Fourth grade reading and Common Core

More facts, less fiction — what else is different under the Common Core Standards?

Common Core State Standards

Fifth grade reading and Common Core

Tougher texts, more careful research — what else is different under the Common Core Standards?

Common Core State Standards

Kindergarten: from ABCs to full sentences

Your kindergartner's writing goes from zero to 60 this year. But don't panic: drawing counts as writing, too.

Common Core State Standards

The bar is high in 1st grade

First graders do “shared research and writing projects” and cite “sources” to answer questions.

Common Core State Standards

2nd graders' soaring skills

Your child’s word sense will blossom — and just in time, as writing projects require more nuance and detail.

Common Core State Standards

Building 3rd grade writing (and study) skills

“More” is the word to describe your child’s writing this year: more research, more detail, and more word sense.

Common Core State Standards

Research, reports, and more in 4th grade

Compelling stories, multimedia components… fourth grade opens up a whole new writing world.

Common Core State Standards

What good 4th grade writing looks like

See for yourself: read four strong real-life examples of fourth grade writing here.

Common Core State Standards

An emphasis on logic in 5th grade

Taking notes, paraphrasing, cohesive arguments, typing — check out the skills your child will tackle this year.

Common Core State Standards

Strong 5th grade writing: what it looks like

Check out four real-life examples of good fifth grade nonfiction writing.

Quick tips to improve your child's reading

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