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How Can I Motivate My Struggling Child?

My fourth-grader has been behind since first grade. She reads at 35% of where she should be and still can barely write. Her math is only at about 50%. Despite our best efforts, including tutors for several years, she is still behind. She has no...

Screen-free week

Are your kids spending too much time sitting glassy-eyed in front of a screen? Are you? Here's how to turn it off.

The power of play

As children slog though grueling schedules of enrichment and academics, researchers have found a connection between brain development and the very thing kids are getting less of.

Charting a course to college

Getting kids ready for college means starting early and following a plan.

Helping your child respect the teacher

The right way to talk to the teacher about a problem.

How to spark a child's interest in learning

Nurture kids' interests and you'll teach them to love learning.