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What makes an LD dream school?

Parents of children with learning differences dive into their experiences to define what constitutes a top LD school.

Teens with LD: Finding a summer job

Having a summer job can help a teenager who struggles in school experience new success. One mother shares strategies that worked for her son.

Dr. Hallowell Talks to Teens: Do You Feel Worried or Sad?

Dr. Edward Hallowell speaks honestly to teens with LD and AD/HD about depression and anxiety. In this article, he shares his personal and professional insights.

Parents' Top Tips for Helping a Discouraged Child

Parents of kids with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD share their strategies for helping a child make a fresh start.

The "No Child Left Behind" Act: Parent Advocacy Briefs from NCLD

These informative brochures offer concrete advice and information to empower parents.

Helping Kids With Learning Disabilities Understand the Language of Friendship

Kids with learning disabilities sometimes struggle in social situations. Here's advice on helping your child avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Work it out

A summer job can be the key to future success for teens with learning disabilities.

Sports: the next inclusion frontier?

Kids on IEPs need to get in on the fun in sports and PE classes

Dos and don'ts with children with LD

Is there a student with a learning disability in your child's class? Avoid these LD faux pas!

High School Graduation and the Beginning of Adult Life Bring Joy and Trepidation

Relief and worry battle it out as a mom anticipates launching her son with LD into life after high school.