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Where's the bear?

This coloring language arts worksheet lets your child practice reading comprehension skills and using common prepositions while learning about relative position.

Tracing numbers, part 2

Numbers take practice! This math worksheet lets your child practice tracing and writing numerals 0 to 9 - with extra number pattern practice as a bonus!

Sneaky snake numbers

Which numbers are the snakes hiding? This coloring math worksheet gives your child practice counting, ordering numbers, and solving number puzzles.

Count and color, part 2

This coloring math worksheet asks your child to solve visual addition problems and color the right number of shapes to show the answer.


Can you read the tally marks? This math worksheet gives your child practice reading tally marks up to 25.

Reading tables

Your child will use the data in the table to answer word problems in this math worksheet.

Patterns of 2, 5, and 10

This coloring math worksheet introduces your child to skip counting by 2, 5, and 10 and asks your child to color in the next numbers in each series.

More or less?

Your child will connect the spaceships and rockets to the planets and stars with 1 or 10 more or less in this coloring math worksheet.

Putting numbers in order, numbers up to 100

In this math worksheet, your child gets to practice number sequencing by putting sets of 4 numbers in order in ascending and descending order. Other math skills include understanding smaller and larger numbers and writing numbers up to 100.

Finding 1/3

Ready for fractions? This coloring math worksheet introduces children to fractional parts by asking them to color in 1/3 of familiar shapes.