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Teaching tykes self-control

How to help your children think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

Feeding eating disorders

How the new anti-obesity campaigns in our schools may backfire.

Homesickness: Expert advice for parents

Tips for helping your camper cope with being away from home.

Getting to the bottom of discipline at your child's school

Who's in charge of discipline at your school? Connect to the right person with this guide to discipline decisions.

"Barnacle Billy"

The second-place winner of the GreatSchools Bedtime Story Contest pits a fearsome pirate against ... bubble bath.

7 dangerous teen trends

High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, But older kids are finding dangerous ways to push boundaries. Here are 7 of the most frightening teen trends.

Standing up for his son

Eleven-year-old Ty Field-Smalley took his life after being harassed at school. Ever since, his father has made it his mission to fight bullying.

Five ways to help your child focus

Having trouble paying attention? Here's how to help your child.

Cómo lograr que su hijo sea persistente

La mejor forma de motivar a un niño es aplaudir su esfuerzo.

Rewards chart for kids

Print out this chart to reward your child for good behavior.