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Six ways to stay connected to your child's school

How to get the school information you need.

How does your school compare to the world's best?

Yet again, the U.S. has received mediocre PISA scores. A new opt-in test is giving schools a chance to see how they rank internationally … and how to improve.

How to build a new play structure at your school

Is your school's play structure worn out, even dangerous? By following this step-by-step guide, you can create a play space so dazzling that even the coolest fifth graders will come out and play.

Bright ideas from our readers: Fundraising for your school

From collecting cans to recycling old technology, our readers share their ideas for school fund-raisers.

How one mom helped improve student writing

Getting Involved: Karen Wiederholt started an afterschool writing workshop for kids who need extra help.

Get Involved at Your Preschool

Five ways to participate in your child's preschool program - and why you should.

Helping your child respect the teacher

The right way to talk to the teacher about a problem.

How to be your kid's biggest supporter

If at first you don't get what your child needs, ask, ask again!

How to get the help you need for your child

Problems at school do happen. Here's how to find solutions.

Check your child's backpack for news from the teacher

Your child's backpack contains important information from the teacher.