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Internet survival tips for parents and teachers

Here's how to make sure your child is Internet smart and Internet safe.

Can MySpace Be Good for Teens?

As teens continue to flock to sites like MySpace, and the backlash from parents and the media fades, it's time to take a fresh look at social networking.

Get Computer Training in Dayton, Ohio

This is a list of computer training sites with information provided by the United Way's HelpLink.

Bright Ideas from Our Readers: Regulating Screen Time

Our readers share their tips for cutting down on time in front of the TV or computer.

Eight tips for raising tech-savvy kids

Help your child learn to use technology by integrating it into your home.

In defense of video games

Chances are your child is already engaged with games like Mario Cart or Tomb Raider -- if not in your living room then at a friend's house. Learn how to make video games work for you.

Technology in the classroom: Fad or foundation for learning?

From cell phones to laptops, technology tools are becoming standard equipment for many students, raising questions about how they're being used.

Should kids hang out at Club Penguin?

Internet sites for tweens are booming, but are they safe? Is this what our kids should be doing?

Stay Connected! Family Web Sites to the Rescue

Social networking on the Web enables families near and far to keep in touch.

Should your kids learn online?

Weigh the pros and cons of leaving the analog classroom behind with these seven steps.