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7 questions to ask a summer camp

Not all summer camps are created equal. Here's how to avoid a summer horror story.

Jumping raisins

Let this simple science experiment inspire your child to hone her powers of scientific observation.

Finding balance in your child's life

Do you shuttle your child from one activity to the next? Find ways to simplify your child's overscheduled life.

The write stuff

Personalized fairy tales offer a sure-fire trip to happily ever after.

Quit or carry on: When should you let your child give up?

How do you engage your child in music or sports so he won't give up?

Blog all about it

Reluctant writers may just need an online audience.

It's about time

A personal timeline shows kids their place in history.

Word for word

Do-it-yourself magnetic poetry kits make language come alive.

A bug's life

Ant detectives get a close-up look at life on the hill.

Hands-on hieroglyphics

Dive into ancient history and unlock the magic of Egyptian writing for your child.